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You’re at the end of a client engagement. Your client has done incredible things… 

…and you’re humbled by the impact of coaching on this person!

And… you’d LOVE to tell the world about it so they, too, can enroll in life coaching.

Except… ew. It feels gross to do that and to ask for a “testimonial”. What are you, a service-based, heart-lead business owner supposed to do?

In this blog, I’m sharing a coach-approach sequence of questions you can ask your clients when they exit your coaching engagement.

This sequence of questions was designed to meet 3 objectives:

  1. Help the client reflect on how far they’ve come during the course of the coaching engagement. What could feel better for a client that to look at their progress?!
  2. Help you understand what the client loved about coaching, and how you can serve future clients even better (we should never stop being self-reflective!)
  3. Collect testimonials with the client’s permission
  4. Gather information in client language about what their problems and visions are, so you can have an even more in depth understanding of your market

Notice that the LAST objective is to get client testimonials. If the client does not want you to share their words, then you don’t share their words! If they give you permission to do so, then you can knit together their survey to create a beautiful piece of social proof for your website.

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Hi [fill in their name]!  Coaching with you has been an incredible experience. Everyone is our student and teacher, and I have learned so much from the opportunity to know you on this deep level. I’m looking forward to seeing how our coaching work will unfold for you in the future!

I’d like to ask you a couple of questions to help you reflect on your incredible progress during our coaching engagement. Your answers will also help me become a better coach, as I’m always seeking to improve. So please be thoughtful + honest!  Finally, at the end I’ll ask you if I may use any of your feedback on my website, to help others understand how coaching can help them. This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL and I will not share ANYTHING without your permission.

Thank you again for the opportunity to know you. 

  1. What made you seek out a life coach or say “YES” when you heart about coaching?? I’m curious about everything that was on your mind, in your heart, and also what was going on for you in your day to day life!
  2. What was the turning point when you realized you wanted support instead of going it alone anymore?

    What were the biggest changes for you in your life as a result of coaching?

  3. What’s different about your day to day life now?
  4. What did you like best about working with me?
  5. What could I have done to provide an even MORE outstanding experience for you?
  6. OPTIONAL: May I use any of your feedback on my website, either anonymously or using your name, to show other people how powerful coaching can be for them, too? If so, please let me know what information I may have permission to share (e.g. first name only, first + last name, website, photo)

Thank you again for taking the time to reflect on your experience!
[Your Name]


1) Make sure you’ve gotten PERMISSION to use their words!
2) Knit together the responses from the difference questions to create a testimonial. Focus on the outcomes they got from coaching, and what was great about YOU to work with!
3) Send them the paragraph with a heart-felt thank you, and ask if you can post their responses as shown.
4) And… voila! A testimonial that wasn’t gross to get!

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