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Group coaching is the fast track to fulfilling a  bigger purpose.


Sorry for the scavenger hunt! We’re in transition. <3 

You want to help people (lots of ’em!)

.You want to live your purpose, make an impact, and empower your clients to make their dreams a reality.

I love that about you!

But the thing is, making a BIG impact using a strictly one-to-one coaching model can be draining, limiting, and hey, if you’re still in your day job… nearly impossible.


  • You want more ease and time freedom for yourself – isn’t that why we go into business to begin with?
  • You’re just starting out, and you keep hearing that you should “niche down,” but 14 Ideal Client Avatar exercises later, you’re even foggier than you were to begin with.
  • You cringe when people ask, “So, what do you do”? You keep investing in courses to make your coaching biz REAL so you can answer with pride, but you still haven’t found the secret ingredient to really getting things going.

  • You’re completely maxed out with time to coach one-to-one and you’re ready to scale your business.
  • Your clients tend to be coached around common themes, like working through inner critics, or limiting beliefs about money… and sometimes you wish you could just introduce them so they could talk it out!

Something’s gotta give.
You need a new strategy. You need to work with more clients. STAT.

You want to serve MORE people.
Let’s just say it – you want to run a group program.

Think about it…

It’s so EASY for clients to say YES to a group program. (They’re cheaper, they’re less pressure, and everything is more fun with friends!)


Here’s what group coaching can do for YOU – and your CLIENTS:

✓ You GET TO:

  • Experiment with topics and ideas and decide what you like and don’t like.
  • Grow your one-on-one client base from all of your transformational interactions with your group participants (hello, thriving practice).
  • Build your confidence, reputation and experience (Peace out, comparison-itis).
  • Exponentially expand a client base who knows, LOVES, and trusts you. (Repeat customers? Check. More referrals? Check!)


    • Experience MORE championing, healing, and community within the group.
    • Have access to coaching through a more affordable model. (More impact? Yes please!)
    • Accelerate their transformation through “breakthrough jumps” – when one person’s breakthrough “jumps” through the group and helps people move forward, fast.
    • Get access to affordable life coaching while you still make a grrrrreat living!

    I’m guessing you want a piece of that pie?


    Closed for 2020!

    Here’s what I’ll be teaching:

    CLARITY: Nail a Topic That is HOT

    • Choose your perfect idea! I’ll help you narrow down all of your amazing ideas into the perfect one for your first group.
    • Learn the “Coach approach” to market research so you can create a program that people really want and need.
    • Done-for-you Survey/Interview Swipe files to keep you out of the weeds and into action.

    At the end of this module, you’ll have developed a sizzling hot topic that you know your peeps want!

    Transformational CONTAINER &

    Trusting COMMUNITY

    • Design a program container that uniquely fits the needs of your niche.
    • Learn to cultivate a trusting community so all of your peeps feel like they’re making valuable connections with both YOU and each other.
    • Take a deep dive into the essential qualities of your business, so you can weave them into an unforgettable experience!

    At this end of this module, you’ll be ready to help your participants bond like crazy – with you AND each other!

    CONTENT: Include What Matters Most

    • Stop hemming and hawing over what to include in your group coaching package.
    • Learn to over-deliver without being overwhelmed.
    • Get innovative with your content and choose learning aids that TRULY lead to transformation.
    • Develop content that precisely nails the unique blocks your participants are experiencing.

    At the end of this module, you’ll have a ready-to-launch group program!

    Fearless COACHING: Coach the F*$% Outta Them

    • Build your confidence so you can fearlessly lead a group like the badass coach you are.
    • Deal with awkward moments (in case you have a heavy cryer in the group).
    • Learn strategies to handle: over-talkers, introverts, advice-givers, people who challenge you, and pretty much anything else that can go off-the-rails.
    • Get my “10 Phrases to Save Your Butt” cheatsheet!

    At the end of this module, you’ll be ready to coach a group without gremlins getting in the way!

    I recommend the program HIGHLY!!  The value of what I learned was incredible!!  Literally saved years of trial and error.  This is completely [JJ’s] wheelhouse and if you are thinking of running groups I would run to this program hands down!!  It is also relatively inexpensive for what you receive – lifetime membership and literally a step by step guide on how to create groups!”

    Christine Beattie, Coach 

    CLOSED FOR 2020

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    Here’s What’s included


    • 4 Self-Paced Master Classes that are THE BOMB. Each class will walk you through a critical step of designing and starting your group. Each module is broken into very manageable, step-by-step pieces. ($1,000 value)
    • 5 x 60 minute LIVE Implementation “Get It Done” calls to ensure you are moving forward and no gremlins or blocks stop you (Fridays at 1pm EST + recordings). ($1000 value)
    • Actionable Assignments that skip the fluff and get straight to business. These require that you take action so you are constantly making progress and becoming a better coach. No dilly-dallying around here! ($150 value)
    • Worksheets, Guides, + Swipe files to take your planning to the next level. These will speed up your progress and get you laser-focused. ($100 value)
    • Facebook-based Studio Group where magic is made. Here, you’ll connect with fellow participants, AND get my eyes on your work. ($500 value)
    • Download any materials and trainings you want for LIFETIME access! (Ability to create income anytime you want? PRICELESS)

    PLUS: Fabulous Bonus Modules so you’re UNSTOPPABLE!

    BONUS 1: Pricing from the heart

    Don’t let pricing stop you from launching!


    You’ll learn to price your programs (and all your services!) in a way that you feel valued and your customers feel satisfied ($297 value)! Pricing can stop people, but once you understand how to position your program, it’s easy-peasy.

    Let’s make some money!

    BONUS 2: Visibility

    Let’s Get Launching! How to generate buzz about your program.

    You’ve got this fabulous group… now what? This module will give you ideas for putting your baby out there into the world!

    Learn 3 tiers of techniques to help you spread the word about your fabulous group.

    Get Visible + Get Going!









    Once you’ve got your group designed, it’s time to LAUNCH! And you can’t launch without understanding how to piece together a compelling sales page. Early registrants get my LIVE 3 hour workshop to write your sizzlin’ sales page for your group – a $597 value… for FREE!

    Nothing can stop you now.

    Nothing can stop you now!

    ​ Don’t hesitate . . . this will move you ahead in creating meaningful groups by leaps and bounds in just a short time!!”

    Debra Berry, Coach     

    CLOSED FOR 2020!


    Let’s increase your income & impact, shall we?

    What others are saying

    I would highly recommend the GYGG program as it helped me gain the confidence to lead my own group. JJ has an amazing ability to break it down into manageable steps and she is there every step of the way to walk you through the process.

    Dorie Biansz, Coach | Forgive & Be Free

    “JJ is really supportive & to the point and doesn’t waste time getting feedback to you! GYGG is a place where you can create your group, in a supportive environment, get clear steps to take action and the right exercises to unlock the ideas and the steps that exist inside of you. 

    So DO IT! 

    Jen Casano


    Why? Because I’m on a mission to keep coaches off the streets. I believe that groups can help us step FULLY into our desire to SERVE and FULFILL our purpose in a bigger way.
    Sometime between signing up for coach training and now, you probably heard two things about how to be a successful coach…

    1. Figure out your niche. (nods head)
    2. Start with one-on-one coaching and then once, and only once, you perfect it, THEN you can try a group. (rolls eyes)

    And I am here to tell you that those rules are crap.

    In fact, I have built my entire coaching practice by NOT following those rules. You see, group programs are AMAZING for both you and your clients. With groups, you get to try things out, work with different people, play around with your content and really learn about yourself as a coach so you can be as effective as possible for a wider audience while your clients get access to all of your genius at a price point that is an easy yes. #winwin

    Why work with me? Expanding impact and income is my zone of genius. I am so passionate about group coaching that my coach training program invited me BACK to educate their students about this art!  I’m here to show you exactly how to incorporate it into your business model to increase your influence and income.

    Going against the grain by starting with groups lets you set yourself up for success from the beginning. Let’s whip your program into shape so you can deliver it to the masses. The world is waiting for you to make it better.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens after I sign up?

    Here’s how we get your group going!

    1. Click the GET GOING button and you’ll be redirected to Paypal to submit payment. Upon completing your payment, you will receive some emails welcoming you. (You can use EITHER PayPal or a credit card securely via PayPal)
    2. The week of June 3rd, you’ll get your invite to our Facebook Studio. 
    3. Head on over to the Facebook Studio to introduce yourself and meet your the other amazing coaches in the GYGG group!
    4. You’ll also find your first assignment (it will be fun, I swear!) and welcome video waiting for you in the group!
    5. We jump into the GYGG curriculum week by week.
    6. 6 weeks later you’ll walk about with plans for an amazing group coaching package your ideal clients will be drooling over! #servelikehell
    When does it start, and when is class?

    GYGG will run JUNE 10-JULY 19, 2019.

    All learning modules are self-paced. A suggested schedule is provided, at the pace of completing the course material in 4 weeks.

    However, a bonus 2 weeks of support + feedback is provided.
    Live Implementation calls will be scheduled once per week on Fridays at 1:00 EST.
    Support and mentorship in the Facebook Studio is Mon-Fri, regular business hours.

    Impementation calls are June 14, 21, 28, and July 12. NO CALL on JULY 5th. We’ll have a bonus Q+A on July 19th.

    Support in our FB Studio will be available through the entire 6 weeks. But don’t worry! I always check back to see how y’all are doing.

    The SALES PAGE BONUS workshop for those who register before June 7th will be on AUGUST 2nd from 1-4pm EST.

    What is your refund policy?

    If you decide, before the course begins, that it’s not the right fit for you, I will be happy to issue you a refund. 

    If you decide, within the first 5 days (June 10-14th), that the course is not the right fit for you, I will issue a prorated refund of 75% what you paid.

    ​After June 15th, no refunds will be issued.

    What is your guarantee?

    I do NOT guarantee that your coaching business is going to suddenly blow up as a result of purchasing this program. (PS: anyone who makes those kinds of guarantees is a scam artist).

    Creating a healthy coaching practice takes consistent action and work, and in some areas of expertise that are not my personal wheelhouse.

    What is in my wheelhouse? Helping YOU take action by learning how to run a SUCCESSFUL GROUP, the right way. If you decide to join this round of GYGG, I guarantee that you’ll have all the tools you need to create a transformational group program. What you do with that.. is up to you.

    Do I have to be a certified coach?

    You’ll get the most out of this course if you are certified, or in a certification program. Training or certification (in progress or completed) is recommended because this course doesn’t cover actual coaching techniques.

    Will you teach me how to launch my group?

    NO, but thank you for asking because I want to be totally upfront about this! GYGG covers everything you need to know about how to create a phenomenal group program. Getting it in front of your people is up to you (I stick to my zone of genius). It does NOT cover marketing, list building, facebook ads or anything outside of how to make your program fantastic. You will get a video on visibility strategies to help you get those gears in motion once you’re ready to rock your group!

    Do I need to be present for the live Q+A calls?

    I’d LOVE you to be there for the implementation calls! It’s your time to get clarity on anything bogging you down. From mindset to tech to “I understood it on the call but now I’m floundering…”… These sessions really help people move along. 
    However, if you truly can’t make them, that’s why I’ve included the Facebook Studio. I know so many people are busy and working and let’s face it, I’ll NEVER find a time that works for EVERYONE. So, bring your work to the Facebook Studio and get tons of help from me and your community, every day (but weekends).
    And remember, this is why the learning modules are self-paced. But do pace yourself to watch them BY the implementation calls!

    What's the charity you give my money to?

    It has always been a goal of mine to find a way to give back from the cup of my business. is an organization whose purpose lines up with our own entreprenerial spirit: “Dreams are universal, opportunity is not”. gives folks like you and me an opportunity to fund an entrepreneurial dream for someone who can’t get access to the capitol to do so. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of giving many business loans across the world – because business can be a path to freedom. 




    Warning: Side effects of Get Your Group Going can include actually getting into business and having a thriving coaching practice! Buyer beware!

    Stop keeping your future clients waiting (it’s rude). Get Your Group Going!

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