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Dive Deep into the Hearts of Your Clients

All successful businesses are built on CURIOSITY ~ Sound familiar, Coach? 

Create a business that makes people feel acknowledged + Validated. 

every aspect of your business requires an in-depth understanding of your ideal client’s inner workings.

Have you ever landed on a website that has made you go, “OMG, they know me better than I know myself?”

Or come across a sales page that you simply cannot resist?

Do you follow people on social media who just seem to “get it” and always have content that lands with you?

It’s not an accident. It’s market research.

You + I (and your future clients) work in synergy to discover what matters most to your people.

In this 1:1 co-creative service, I will walk you through the stages of a simple market research effort that will help you define your messaging, your social media content, your program and services, your copywriting, your top blog posts or live videos, and more!

Here’s how it works:

  • I send you a huge questionnaire all about you, your business, and your ideal audience.
  • We meet for a 90-minute Foundations session where you tell me all about your coaching specialty and objectives for this research.
  • I write you a coach-approach survey/interview questions based on your market research objective.
  • We meet for a 30-minute “Get As Many Responses As Possible” strategy session so you’re equipped to distribute your market research survey.
  • You go hog wild distributing your survey and interview people who are like your ideal audience.
  • I interview up to 3 of your prior clients to learn more about your special sauce.
  • We meet for a 60 minute Illumination Session where we analyze all the pieces of data we’ve gathered.


  • WRITE a website that people just can’t resist coming back to because your website knows them better than their spouse does.
  • DESIGN killer group coaching programs that address your target audience’s EXACT needs.
  • CREATE endless social media content that connects on a level that inspires massive trust and desire to take action.
  • CURATE a 1:1 high-end signature program tailored *just* to the needs of your clients. And if they’re paying that much, it should be just for them!
  • NARROW down a niche, specialty, or business focus.
  • DELIVER FBLive or YouTube broadcasts that truly serve the needs of your ideal client.
  • CONFIDENTLY make an ELEVATOR PITCH that says what you do in a clear, compelling way.

✓ You’re ready for market research if:

  • You want to accelerate your business results.
  • You have an idea of your niche or specialty.
  • You love to get inside the hearts and minds of people.
  • You know that you want to create a group program or signature 1:1 program to leverage your time and income.
  • You know without a doubt that failure to do research means a lot of wasted time doing trial and error..


✗ You’re probably not ready for MARKET RESEARCH if:

  • You are completely uncommitted to a nicHe or specialty.
  • You are fairly certain that you know your niche well enough to pull it out of your own head (hint: You don’t).
  • You aren’t willing to work with my step-by-step process that has helped hundreds of coaches get that sought-after clarity.

Are you ready to get curious and get massive clarity about your people?


Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up below, either paid in full or payment plans.

2. I reach out to you within 24 business hours with a welcome agreement, questionnaire, and progress tracker.

3. We get some dates on the calendar and ROCK AND ROLL.


Your investment will serve you for the life of your business!

Pay in full for this 4-week process, or pay over time.


The investment for this program is $597


(or 6 monthly payments of $99 each)


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